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*These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements offer no diagnosis and have not been evaluated by the FDA.



Our Colloidal Silver products were developed over almost 10 years of research and development, involving top labs such as UBC, CANTEST, NORWEST AND REGAL RESEARCH LABS. We were the first to publish University lab results of Electron Microscopy and EDX analysis online to validate the quality of Colloidal Silver. (see Quality page).

We continue to do lab tests, plan double blind studies, and have quality testing done by independent facilities. In  2003 we did a further upgrade to process equipment and made procedural improvements
aimed at higher 
quality assurance.

                                           Mission statement

Our mission is to improve and optimize health by  strengthening  the body,  boosting immune function, improving nutrition  and offering products which promote health and well being.



0          Health minded        

We are a Pacific northwest company, that part of the
continent renowned for a vigorous health conscious
 lifestyle and mind set
.  Health and fitness are keenly pursued - whether skiing world famous Whistler, jogging the Seawall, hiking the mountains or eating healthy organic foods.
 Vancouver has been judged the most livable
city in the world by EIU, along with Melbourne. Vancouver is the site of 2010 Winter Olympics.  Average Vancouver life expectancy is among the top two in the industrialized world at 81.1 years.
A wholesome environment and  fabulous scenery complete the picture.


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